Snappy Calibration

Schizophrenia happened in a Snap! Just like that. But did the Snap itself happen just like that? I think not. Today, I have a very strong feeling about it being a Calibration process. Something that had to happen to stop me at a point where I had reached or a truth that I had touched. I reached some point of understanding that awakened a seed inside me. But this seed had been buried deep inside for ages perhaps. Layered with … Read More

Call Me “!”

Call Me “!” No, I am not trying to pull another Caitlyn on you. I realized that the title was familiar, only after I typed it J So far, I have shared my experiences, as I walked through the past and present of my days, dealing with Paranoid Schizophrenia. I am going to take a slight shift from that direction now. Why? Because my life has changed so much! After Schizophrenia. Yes, you read it right! ‘After Schizophrenia’. In other … Read More

The Day I Almost Died

I was awoken on my bedroom floor, in my underwear and just a tank top surrounded by men in blue uniforms asking me a bunch of questions. I was so delirious and kept asking, “is it supper? Is it supper?” The man answers “no hun, your husband couldn’t wake you up so you need so held breathing.” As they were strapping me up all I kept asking for was, “where is my husband? I need my husband!” Other that that, … Read More

Do You Think You Deserve to Get Better?

Do you deserve to get better? Do you? I didn’t think I deserved to get better. By the time I was diagnosed, I had crossed every imaginable line back to forgiveness, back to wholeness, back to redemption. I woke up to a drugged-up, lithium reality, and I couldn’t look in the mirror any more. I dragged my body around with me, humiliated to still be breathing. My parents tried to talk to me about nutrition, vitamins, going to see a … Read More

4 Tools to Support Mental Health Recovery

Some new things have come to light in my mental health journey this week and it’s time for me to share a moment of vulnerability with my community here at Bipolar Out Loud. You’ve all been with me and helped me through countless ups and downs over the past seven years and for that I am forever grateful! What I’m about to share with you is not a setback, but instead a new opened door for me and for all of us as a … Read More

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