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Breaking Up With Toxic Friends
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“You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people you choose to be around.” -Unknown Human consciousness is shifting. We are splitting in two very different ways as a society. While one group moves closer to chaos, war, violence, and … Read More

A Room on Beacon Street {POEM}
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When I was nine My father took my hand Lead me to a closet And said Look here Out this window See what I see … I saw the closet door He saw the world Three months later He was dead I had hardly … Read More

Continuing The Talk
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Like most of the western world, the recent and highly publicized suicide of Robin Williams has effected me greatly. Although my first reaction was shock and sadness, I must say that the tragic passing of Mr. Williams has both inspired me and helped to … Read More

Keep Searching, Everything Works
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Everything works, just like clockwork. OK, so it may not seem that way most of the time, but when you learn to see all the tiny hints and details of this divine path we all walk, it really does seem smooth like clockwork. Even … Read More

Learning to Cope
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I have taken many approaches to my mental health with a lot of focus on positive thinking. For the past few years I had put my mental health on a back burner. I was stagnant. I did nothing but stare at the walls sinking … Read More

Private Life
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I’m not the girl I once was. I’m not even the woman I thought I wanted to be. Like the girl in the picture who is always on her phone posting to Facebook or checking in somewhere, that’s not me anymore. And I’m very … Read More

Success In Many Colors
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What does true success look like? Does it look like earning a six figure income, receiving a PhD, or working in a position of power within the world? Or is it a much deeper and more personal thing? I got into a debate today … Read More

Why I Left Facebook (And What It Taught Me)
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I’ve made some radical changes in my life over the past 18 months including getting off psychiatric medication, starting my own business, and ending my marriage. More recently, I’ve added my internet and media usage to that list of changes including deleting my personal … Read More

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