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When Anxiety Takes Over
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Mental Illness. That phrase may have a different connotation for everyone. Perhaps you think of a family member, a psychiatric ward, a homeless person, or maybe someone who self injurers and is suicidal.I want to share with you my story. It is in our own … Read More

6 Tips: Dealing With Grief When You Have Bipolar Disorder
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Last month, I lost a great friend of mine, Jess, to muscular dystrophy. Any time someone dies young, there is shock and regret on top of the usual grief. Having myasthenia gravis, Jess and I were fellow soldiers fighting a daily war against neuromuscular … Read More

Restoration of Inner Order
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Schizophrenia helped me find my true self. People say it is a split of mind. I beg to differ. It seems more like a process for integrating the scattered fragments within the mind. Allow me to explain. If we see something wrong happening around … Read More

Fighting Stigma with Compassion
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Mental illness is a hot topic in the media these days. But unfortunately, mental HEALTH, not so much. With the constant tragedies we are facing in our world and the increasing control of the pharmaceutical companies, the blame is almost always put on terrorism or … Read More

Dear Caregivers: You Are Not Alone!
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I cannot say that I fully understand what it’s like to have Bipolar, but I can tell you that being a caregiver of a child with Bipolar can sometimes make me feel isolated and alone. No one in my immediate family and circle of friends … Read More

Kids and Pets: Is Your Child Ready
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Pets are indisputably the cutest part of the family and kids are traditionally keen on the idea of having at least one pet at home. Whether it comes to a cat, a dog or a couple of golden fishes, many families enjoy looking after … Read More

4 Simple Tips to Make Motherhood Easier
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Every woman will probably tell you she loves being a mother and wouldn’t trade it for the world. But if you could make motherhood easier, you’d do it right? Even though it may sound selfish, after you give birth to your bundle of joy … Read More

From Pole to Pole
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I was diagnosed as bipolar II over fifteen years ago—a life-changing event that explained a lot: my sudden seasonal shifts in mood, my over-the-top irritability after a mild annoyance, my so-called hyper-seductiveness, job losses and relationship fiascoes. None of that was consistent with the … Read More